Thinking Outside the Plastic Box

Swoonbeams is a Fairtrade, Organic fudge. It needed a high-end, elegant look and a package that would engage people in a ritualistic way. Rather than think in terms of a complicated, pre-constructed box, we came up with a simple origami-like folding structure with a band. This made for less material and only one small dab of glue for the band. What’s more, this approach achieved our goal of creating an intriguing series of steps to “unlock” the box and get to the prize. We also made sure the printing inks were soy based. These are not hard to find, are no more expensive, and the quality is outstanding. Finally, we created a shipper that doubled as a display, thus doing away with the need for an extra box. The end result? Swoonbeams could honestly make the “sustainable”  claim without making any compromises on final product.

Basic Guidelines To Strive For

Your product:

• Is beneficial, safe & healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle.
• Meets market criteria for performance and cost.
• Is sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy.
• Maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials.
• Is manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices.
• Is made from materials healthy in all probable end of life scenarios.
• Is physically designed to optimize materials and energy.
• Is effectively recovered and utilized in biological and/or industrial cycles.

Check out the Sustainable Packaging Coalition for more information and help.