Design Strategy Consultation

PRODUCT LAUNCH CONSULTING •  $3800. One time fee.

Do you have a product but don’t feel ready to embark on a full design process? Or maybe you have an existing label/package design that could benefit from an expert review? Mythmaker offers a cost effective consultation solution for companies needing strategic direction on positioning and brand design before moving to the execution phase.


  • Unique Sales Proposition: What are you selling and why should I buy it? Is it easy to understand? Do you have a clear point of difference? Is your story compelling?
  • Shelf Awareness: What does the label/package design need to do to succeed against the competition on the shelf? How well does the label/package function against the competition on the shelf?
  • Brand Architecture: What is the relationship between umbrella brand, product identity, and SKU organization? Do you have any strategies for accommodating line extensions and growth?
  • Hierarchy of Message: Are you communicating what people need to know in the right order?
  • Copy: Do you have a brand personality? Are you clearly articulating your message? What do you need to say and what can you leave out? How can you effectively use “call outs”?
  • Legal: Does your label meet FDA legal requirements?


Overview Meeting
What’s your vision? In this meeting we’ll discuss your strategic objectives and goals in detail. We want to understand your sales and marketing plan and expectations for the business. This meeting can happen by phone or in our Santa Cruz, CA office. If you prefer to meet on-site, we charge for travel expenses in addition to the one-time fee.

Develop a Picture of the Current Reality
What’s the competition doing? What does your package need to do to stand out and engage your target consumer? Our business and brand strategy team will study the retail environment where you intend to compete or where you are currently competing. We develop an understand-ing of the category opportunities and challenges.

Creative Review
Our team of Brand Strategists, Graphic Designers, and Copy Writers will review your creative assets. If you have an existing product identity we’ll assess how well the sum of the parts adds up to the cohesive brand message and winning shelf presence.

The Deliverables

  • Three page written brief with analysis and specific ideas for improvement.
  • Phone meeting to discuss findings and answer question.
  • Follow up call