Crowd Sourced Design: Think Beyond What You “Love”

Crowd Sourced Design services are on-line business that allow you to submit a design request at a set price and receive back design proposals or even finished design concepts from competing graphic designers and you select “the winner”. 99 Designs, one of the largest of this new breed of services, promises to deliver “a design you’ll love, guaranteed.”

In theory, it sounds pretty good. The reality, however, is rarely simple and the process can lead to big problems if your goal is to launch a successful, branded retail product.

We have had many companies over the years come to us with designs they thought they “loved” only to find that their particular design revealed serious issues when it came time to print, or worse yet, when the product hit the shelf. We’ve seen technical failures like color and gradient choices incompatible with specific printed container specs, such as Tetra Pak or printed plastic. FDA compliance and Trademark issues that have been overlooked. Or the design choice has not taken into account potential brand extensions and SKU differentiation.

We often help companies redesign their brand and package to clarify the product’s marketing position and/or make it more “shelf-evident.” Once the box or the bottle gets on the shelf and consumers start actually interacting with it, reality hits hard. If people are asking questions like “What is it?” or, “What do I do with it?” or, “What flavor is this?”, you know you have a problem.

Graphic designers can’t be expected to know and track all the possible details related to your individual process and strategic plan. Nor is it the graphic designer’s job to understand issues related to positioning, merchandising, and brand building. If you have someone in your organization with the experience and expertise to align the design to clear strategic sales and marketing objectives, fantastic. If you don’t, the results can be costly.

We Can Help

Mythmaker has a new service helping companies get the most out of Crowd Sourcing design services. Or, maybe you have in-house graphic design capabilities but your designer lacks retail packaging experience.  Either way, we can help you get to the finished, print ready file without sacrificing the brand strategy expertise and experience that a full service, specialized firm like Mythmaker can provide. Learn More