How To Turn A Brand Into A Bonfire

A good brand is like a bonfire. People want to gather around it. Here are four simple touch points to help you create a tone and feel that people want to engage with.

1. Make us feel smart. Deliver the facts without scolding. Watch for words that might feel like guilt tripping, such as “should” or “everyone must have”… Stay positive.

2. Inspire us. Communicate a larger purpose beyond making the sale. Show people that your organization is working to make the world a better place in its own unique way.

3. Demonstrate connection. Introduce me to people who share my world view and interest. What do they have to say? Promote conversation. Invite questions.

4. Make Us Feel Recognized. Reflect back what you hear. Speak the language of the audience you are trying to reach. Look for opportunities and creative ways to say “thank you” to the people who buy your product.