Massimo’s Organic Gourmet

Branding / Identity / Naming / Packaging


San Francisco Pizza Company founder, Massimo DiSciullio, wanted to revise the “pizza parlor” look of his brand. Ten minutes with Massimo, however, convinced us that a different strategy was needed. The company was about to launch a new line of fresh, 100% organic, take-and-bake pizzas, and it was moving into all organic, fresh gourmet entree dishes. Trained as a 5-star chef, Massimo has cooked at some of the finest restaurants in the world. As we listened to his story, we knew his current brand needed to express his Abruzzian roots, and his passion for cooking fine food using fresh, simple ingredients. We convinced Massimo to change the brand name to Massimo’s Organic Gourmet, then created a premium look, and a voice that came directly from Chef Massimo. Read more about the process in this blog post