What Does “Branding” Mean

It really comes down to this. If you want a pretty label, you can hire a graphic designer. If you want a platform upon which to build a business, hire a brand developer. Creating a “brand” is more than designing a logo and choosing some colors. Done right, it’s a process that helps define your business at its most fundamental core by forcing you to answer three fundamental questions.

1. What are we promising?

2. How are we different?

3. Who wants what we have to offer?

Going through the process of designing a brand can be a little like psychotherapy. A good brand strategist listens very carefully. He/she helps identify the authentic parts of the story, and challenges weak assumptions. The goal should be to help you arrive at a crystal clear understanding of who you are as a business. This awareness is the basis of powerful brand strategy, from the parameters that guide the creative team, to the underlying assumptions you will use to build and run sales and marketing programs. Clear brand awareness can even strengthen and enliven your corporate culture. If you want to be successful, invest in the strategic thinking before you jump into the creative process.